Charleston, SC Bachelorette Party Ideas

Welcome to the home of ideas you can use for your next visit in, you can find a few ideas here for your stay.  Any day of the week there is a lot to do in the city, especially during the busy season. 

You will find some ideas here and most of them will be the usual options shopping, walking and beach

A great place for travel and tourism, come see the city and linking cities as well

You are at the right place to get started on your journey lets us see:

Are you looking for shopping ideas well the city has the citadel mall, northwoods mall, tanger outlets, Mount Pleasant town center and various shopping centers all over the town. If you want a taste of Niche brands than travel to downtown to one of the more fancier stores to go shopping. Some fun stores off the radar I found are:

Exchange Factor off of Rivers Ave
Uptown Cheapstake
North Charleston Thrift Store Rivers Ave

These stores have a wide selection of interesting items that are off the radar and surprising if you don't mind, you can comb through enough and find some very interesting items to buy. I would give them a try, even if you just want a fun place to shop at while in town.

Bachelorette ideas and Places to go

North Charleston Coliseum Events - Farmers Market - Music Farm - Charleston Stage

Bride Tribe Bachelorette Beaches 

1. Folly Beach 2. Isle of Palms 3. Sullivans Island

Gone are the days when female strippers are attracting all of the attention on stripper outings. Nowadays male strippers are at the bachelorette parties and it is becoming the normal here. Ladies night is usually filled out eating and drinking at social pubs followed by walking from bar to bar or around town. There are many other options as well like live performances by music band, comedy, dancing places and even just bar hopping is enough to have fun at times. Some of the most popular places to go in the town are always rooftop for the scenery, some mentions are 

Club Trio - Uptown Social - King Street Dispensary - Republic Garden and Lounge - The Alley - Rooftop of Vendue

Another option is to go see a drag queen show. I have been to a few and they are quite entertaining , these gals put a lot of effort into dressing up and putting on a good show for all to see. There are a few options per a google search, don't really have any favorites here but I know they are all entertaining. Another option instead of bar hopping, social drinking, a drag show, or eating tons of food all night is private party entertainment. What kind am I talking about? Oh boy, you can hire a male or female entertainer to dance for you for a period of time and just stay home. A local favorite of mine is Male Stripper. You will get a great performance and time well spent

Options to dos

Morning start

Starting with breakfast,here we go. A favorite breakfast restaurant amongst many to eat is Pages Okra Grill, located 302 Coleman blvd, Mount Pleasant SC. If downtown, try Big Bad Breakfast.

During the day

Option one would be staying in town. You can walk all that food off can easily, with all the walking downtown. If walking is to much, rent a bicycle, to sightsee more of the town. I would travel to King Street, Marion Square, The Battery Park, Joe Riley Waterfront Park and Market Street, a hot tourism spot.

Option two, if your not already staying on the beach, find a way to get to the beach. Isle of palms has a more family feel and Folly beach is a younger crowd and water sport options per the season like jet ski, kite surfing and more.  There are lots of food places at both locations and enough to spend your whole day there.

You can spend one day downtown and the other day at the beach. Some other options worth mentioning are historic tours, Saturday morning farmers market and the many rooftop bars that open noon.  

There are lots of small niche things to do but, I would more so see the entire downtown for what it is and then visit one of the beaches. Spend your time wisely and freely.


As day turns to night the bar scene is where people go. A few recommendations are Trio, Republic Garden and Lounge, The cocktail club and more so if you have a taste for certain beers, music or style do a little digging. Most of the crowd and excitement will be on lower King Street. They walk from where King and Spring Street are connected and bar hop there way down King to Calhoun where a few more dance or bar options are. It can get crowded out there especially when College of Charleston is in class schedule.

Blogging our Vacation to Charleston SC

The Food

We went out Thursday morning to Big Bad Breakfast and breakfast there was great. I had theri shrimp and grits, a bit pricey but tasted so good. We decided Thursday to eat out breakfast, Friday eat out lunch, and Saturday night eat out dinner and go out that night. The rest of the time to save money we just cooked and bought food from a nearby Harris Teeter. Friday at Noon we did California Dreaming which was ok. It was nice to sit on the patio area under an umbrella and eat, the weather was too bad that day. Lastly, we went out to Halls Chophouse and the food was amazing. Salmon is one of my favorite foods to eat so that is what I had. While in town as well we got some famous biscuits on King St and other popular appetizers.

Touring the City

Our group toured the city on the first day and that basically is all it takes. We rented bicycles and rode around to all the well known locations from Hampton Park to the Pineapple fountain. There was some nice scenery and lots of places to take photos like rainbow row. I personally liked the alleyways and narrow streets downtown. We hired a yoga teacher to give us a private lesson and took horse tours as well. My two favorite parts were window shopping on Market Street and the local farmers market they have on Saturday mornings. All in all there is enough in the city to keep anyone busy.


We decided to try Folly Beach out and The Isle of Palms. Folly had a younger feel to it while Isle of Palms felt like a family beach. It was nice to sit out and sunbathe for a few hours on Friday and Saturday. None of us live by a beach so we took full advantage of being near one and had a rental car which made travel easier from our rental. One of the girls took a jet ski out while we were at Folly Beach while the rest of us just relaxed. This place have the best beaches I ever seen but it wasn’t bad either. I see why so many people travel here for the mix of city, beach and tourist stuff to do.

Night Clubs and male strippers fun

Our last night which was Saturday we went bar hopping and walked from where we were on St Phillips Street. There were lots of good drinks, places to go and we got to all the places we could before being worn out.  We were at a rooftop bar where they had live music and good drinks.  Most of the bars were the same but we got lots of dancing and socializing in. Some of the patrons were a bit too friendly but it probably was the alcohol talking. We had lots of fun just walking around the busy streets that night and a bit of a workout.  One of my friends just had a birthday so we wanted to surprise her. We decided to hire a male stripper for her, well really just one. We picked a guy and did not expect much because a few of us had seen strippers before.  He was actually quite good, moved like a snake and had a good show.


Charleston is a nice city to visit, especially if you're like us and travel in a girl gang.

Spring Time Bachelorettes 2/23/2023

Spring in Charleston, SC is a beautiful time of year, with mild temperatures, blooming flowers, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Here are some of the things to see and do in the spring:

Overall, spring is a great time to visit, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city's natural beauty and outdoor activities.